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From The Philippines...

Thank you most sincerely for your call last June 18, which was before your Summer Conference and your call last July 05, 2021 which provided us deeper love, greater understanding in bringing you to God in a more earnest way. We truly had enjoined the testimony of the Saints, the inspiring songs, and the anointed preaching of God’s anointed Word thru the anointed preachers. Praise the Lord! We want you to know that we are praying much for your complete physical healing that God shall restore your health, strength and power that you may continue to perform the noble task God laid in your heart.  


Thank you very much for the offering you sent for the month of June. We want you to know that words are not enough to express our profound gratitude and deep appreciation for your endless love to the work of God in the Philippines, your faithful remembrance, tireless efforts, far-sighted vision, your fraternal participation and involvement as well as your continuous financial backing and support which mean so much to us. Oh! what a great blessing and a memorable crown of rejoicing on your part to have such a great share for the advancement of God’s kingdom in this side of eternity.  How we wish to show you a token of our appreciation for all your love and goodness for us and the work we are doing for God but He fully understand our limitations and inadequacies. We want you to know that we acknowledge our great indebtedness for without you, the work we are doing for God should not have reached this stage of victory and success. We are earnestly praying however, that the good Lord shall continue to inspire, encourage and strengthen your hearts to be able to perform and accomplish greater task God laid upon your heart.


For the past three weeks however, we hired a Geodetic Engineer to survey the land where the good Lord gave us for a wider Camp ground of the Church of God in the City of Metro-Manila. The good Lord is giving us a good area of about six (6) Hectares. Thank the Lord! 

Your brother in Christ, 

Bro. Granil